Stephen Paul Weber

Weber, Stephen Paul singpolyma

I played the tech industry game and won. Semi-retired, my faith has led me to work for software freedom at and MBOA.

I promote standards, Free Culture, and especially Pepper & Carrot. I co-host a podcast about religion and philosophy.

Contact Information

On the web:
+1 226 666 9991

OpenPGP Key

59E6 82C3 EAF3 9A21 0CA7 3534 D11C 2911 CE51 9CDE
dream basil valery. regular llama diana. hand ninja havana. order never caravan. edition right joseph.

Communication Protocols

Or, my personal email => efail battle. Thanks to Tantek for inspiration.

  1. To read / follow me, see the links in my contact card above, or the actionstream below.
  2. To send me a link, post on your site with a WebMention to this site, or mention @singpolyma on twitter.
  3. Before asking for help with a Wordpress plugin or Blogger hack, please search my blog, Google, the Blogger Hacks Wiki, and Blogger Hacks Search Engine. Read the comments on any appropriate post or page.
  4. To ask for help, suggest a feature, or report a bug with one of my Wordpress plugins or Blogger hacks, please comment on the appropriate post or page.
  5. For other things, try Jabber or Matrix, or mentioning @singpolyma.

Some Tips

  1. Links to public posts are always better than direct messages. @singpolyma mentions and comments come right next.
  2. If you find a solution, from me or elsewhere, blog it. Someone else may benefit.
  3. Sign messages, public or private, with your PGP key. If you really want something to be private, encrypt it with the recepient's public key.
  4. I don't check Facebook often, and I have most notifications turned off. Don't expect a speedy reply there.
  5. Check out Tantek's etiquette tips.

Payment Options

I am available on RipplePay and PayPal under my email address, and on as rsPwcozMqkCr76TvABBjyzaGqvUrpcxafd. I am also a Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash user.


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