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Archive for October, 2005

This Weekend

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An update on my life over the past weekend. Saturday – Workshop. Sunday – Not much. Today – Chels indefinately grounded.

This saturday Palmview had their second woodworking workshop. For me this meant going and watching everyone else make shelves. Why only watching you ask? Well, enough wood was only relegated for Daniel and myself to share a project, and he had an idea for something he would use. I didn’t. So I let him take all the wood and basically just go and hang out because it is required of me. I had a lot of fun helping Angela (the Symons’ baby sister) walk back and for across the car pit. She would step one foot out onto the board across the pit and then reach out her hand and I would put out my hand and she’d grab one of my fingers. Then she’d walk over. Eventually she decided holding my fingers was cool enough and just dragged me all over the place. ‘Twas a lot of fun.

Not Much
Uh…. ya… got up, went to church, came home, went to the pool, came home, went to church, came home, went to bed. Mostly came home

Chels Indefinately Grounded
Not fun Today Chels’ parents found out how far behind in school she is (approximately three weeks) and indefinately grounded her from having any contact at all with myself, Stef, Trev, et al online. This has had multiple effects. (1) I miss her already, pathetic but true. (2) I am now more scared of her father than ever before. I just hope this all goes well and that I can survive the indefinate period of time… *sigh*

Flickr Update and Life

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This is (more than) a note to inform all of you that I have posted more pictures on my Flickr (yes, even more since you last went Chels ;)). And of course the routine usual update on my life since I haven’t done one in awhile :

So… what’s happening with me? I’m inclined to say nothing… but something must be happening because I feel busy…. The BoxtheWeb project launched public the other day, which has kept me hopping with bugs et al and I’m not close to there yet… oh well, it works well enough for my brother, he keeps telling me not to change it, it’s just fine ;P Also the omnipresent schoolwork is around, trying to keep me busy… instead I usually get distracted cause I don’t want to do it so I fall behind 😛 Right now I am sitting on the computer (not literally :P) waiting, hoping Chels will come on before I have to go… The PrintShop started printing the Agenda today (finally! whew!) so that is over.

Just a quick note to those of you who use multiple IM services or often wish you could connect from places where you cannot download IM clients… or both! Meebo is a nice service that will let you connect to all major IM clients at the same time from within your webbrowser! They do not store your data and all password transmissions are 1024-bit encrypted (which may cause some browsers to give a warning, because it is a CPU-hogging script to do that encryption :P, just click ‘cancel’ and let the script run if this happens…. it won’t unless you have an old computer).

Trip to the Capital

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So we just got back from a trip to N’Djamena, the capital of Chad. We went up on Monday and got back yesterday. I got a lot of schoolwork done on Tuesday and Wednesday, but none on the other days, so I’m going to have to catch up some again.

It was my Mom’s birthday while we were up there, so we went out to eat. I had the ‘sausage plate’, which was two sausages and loads of fries. The Symons were up there too and met us at the restaurant that reminded me of one of the best restaurants in Boston back in the day, kind of as a surprise. It was as fun as restaurants ever are… but they gave us menus and made us decide what we wanted to eat, and then we waited like half an hour for our food so ‘fun’ is a relative term .

I got to be secondary technical advisor to the Field Council, which was fun. What exactly does that mean? It means Dad thought they needed to upgrade their computer system and asked me for a second opinion, hehe.

We also were invited to the Hildebrand’s (don’t ask me how to spell that ), they’re a MAF couple and one of the few other Canadian families in the country. We had a mini-thanksgiving celebration since it was about that time and we were Canadians together.

My brother spent most of the trip playing pinball. I spent most of it wishing it were over (partly from missing Chels, partly from missing the Internet in general, and partly because I hate vacations). I went shopping on the last day, when Dad’s meetings were finally over, and that was the only enjoyable shopping trip I’ve ever been on! I think it’s because I was actually buying something…. Anyway, not much else to report except to except that I have some new stuff up on my Flickr.

Back from the capital

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Hey all! Back from the capital, long trip, much to say, I’ll post tomorrow because it’s late now, so stay tuned.