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An update on my life over the past weekend. Saturday – Workshop. Sunday – Not much. Today – Chels indefinately grounded.

This saturday Palmview had their second woodworking workshop. For me this meant going and watching everyone else make shelves. Why only watching you ask? Well, enough wood was only relegated for Daniel and myself to share a project, and he had an idea for something he would use. I didn’t. So I let him take all the wood and basically just go and hang out because it is required of me. I had a lot of fun helping Angela (the Symons’ baby sister) walk back and for across the car pit. She would step one foot out onto the board across the pit and then reach out her hand and I would put out my hand and she’d grab one of my fingers. Then she’d walk over. Eventually she decided holding my fingers was cool enough and just dragged me all over the place. ‘Twas a lot of fun.

Not Much
Uh…. ya… got up, went to church, came home, went to the pool, came home, went to church, came home, went to bed. Mostly came home

Chels Indefinately Grounded
Not fun Today Chels’ parents found out how far behind in school she is (approximately three weeks) and indefinately grounded her from having any contact at all with myself, Stef, Trev, et al online. This has had multiple effects. (1) I miss her already, pathetic but true. (2) I am now more scared of her father than ever before. I just hope this all goes well and that I can survive the indefinate period of time… *sigh*

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So what did Dan make with your wood?
Little kids are so fun!
btw, do you have any idea why google doesn’t index xanga’s?


He made a shelf to store his CDs and tapes.

Xangas are next to imposible to index due to the odd way their URLs work and their poorly defined code. I believe you found an article containing information on this the other day 😉 Google has nothing against Xanga, Xanga just needs to get their act together and generate properly-accessible pages…


I feel bad for Chels on her restrictions 🙁
. . .Hope she has a good trip to Africa (and that she can get caught up on her work soon, lol)


Ya… restrictions can be good sometimes, though. If people are never punished for their unwise actions then they will indefinately be choosing to do wrong actions. Discipline is a blessing, not a curse. We should all be thankful, and maybe because of this incident Chelsey will be willing to stay more on top of her school work in the future. 🙂 *hopes*

Daniel J. Weber


Ya, you’re right Dan, discipline is good in the long run, it just isn’t much fun when it’s happening :winky:


Hey Stephen, sounds like fun. I just got my first post up on my blog, thanks for your help! I’m looking forward to meeting Chels when she gets un-grounded 🙂


i havent commented in a while so i just thought i would, but i dont have much to say = ), so… hope u have a good week and that when you chels’s dad, he wont be tooo harsh on u, = )

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