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Saturday was Palmview‘s Field Day. I participated, as did many other non-Palmview people, but unlike many others I did terrible :P I am definately not at my physical peak anymore… if I ever was. My best events, throwing and jumping, were total flops for me as I threw all objects at a 45° angle off of the legal area and ran right through the bar for high jump. My athletic abilities aside, I mostly had fun. We had a farewell potluck for a missionary that’s leaving the field (probably permanently), and she’s going to take a letter and the pendant I bought for Chels to France for me to mail them to her. She asked my parents if the’d censored it and Mom was just like ‘we trust our son’, hehe ;)

Week 3 – Day 1 without Chels… and counting. She may not be back until that count reaches week 6… or even 8… I don’t want to think about it. No chat, no email, she can’t even read what I send her… but I don’t send her anything just to keep the temptation away. I think I’m going to start writing and email to her that I don’t send, and I’ll just keep adding to it. Then when she’s ungrounded I’ll send the whole thing. I’d really like to ask for prayer, for both myself and Chels. I miss her a lot, and she must be missing everyone. I’d also like to ask that everyone pray we’ll both be able to concentrate on our schoolwork. I’d really appreciate it :)

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ha, I sure haven’t reached any physical peak 😛

So my question isn’t what did you write Chels, it’s how much did you write her? 😉

Good for you for encouraging Chels to respect her restrictions, that shows integrity. I like the idea of writing her now for her to read later.

You know I’m praying 🙂


how much? Both sides of one page in my own hand, which really doesn’t come to much… I would have done more but I purposely limited myself so as not to be using up tons of paper. And thanks so much for praying, it means a lot to me 🙂

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