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Rockin’! That’s what’s been going on for the past week and a half. Let me explain…

You see, we’ve been in the United States thathappentobelocatedin America the last week and a bit visiting and then conferencing. Visited Bromans (friends from Chad) in Ohio first for a few days, which was a lot of fun. Oh, on the way down we visited Aunt Ruth (old elementary school teacher from Chad… she’s not old… just we were young when she taught us…) for most of a day too. Got totally lost on the way down (missed our turn off the highway without knowing it… the gas station people told us we were headed the right way… shows what they know :P) By the way here, I have a habit of forgetting things. Not that my memory is bad… I can remember facts and memorise material (if I want to) like it’s nothing… but my residual-style memory is… lacking… Dan’s is better, so you may want to check out his post. Sometimes I tell Dan he’s my secretary, because he remembers so much stuff for me. What will I ever do without him?

Ok, on to more fun stuff. REAP. That stand for… a bunch of garbage. It’s a conference that is 90% mandatory for all TEAM (that’s our mission) have to go to on coming home on furlough (which they now term Home Assignment). The 90% comes from the fact that some people are good at song-and-dance excuses, and they don’t have to go, hehe. For Dad the experiance in the meetings was informative, for Mom is was somewhat boring, for me the Youth sessions were pure brilliance!

This is a milestone for me. If you’ve heard what I’ve said about every other conference of any kind I’ve been to, you’ve heard me berate their Kids/Youth program. I usually go to the adult sessions (for spiritual stuff) and then try to avoid the other when adults are in business. This time there were a few of the adult workshops I wanted to go to — but couldn’t find the time becuase of the really awesome Youth program.

Lots of MKs together in one place is pretty fun by itself, and each and every one of these MKs was totally awesome. Mornings were studies in the life of Daniel and his ‘multicultural’ experiance — followed by discussion in small groups. My group was all girls except me — but we were all college age, so it was cool. *cough* more than cool πŸ˜‰ Lots of insight and discussion. Then afternoons were all sorts of fun stuff — swimming, mini-golfing, a photo scavenger hunt at the mall. Evenings were ‘tailgate parties’ — without the ballgame or beer πŸ˜‰ Basically we hung out all night playing games and talking and eating πŸ˜€ Lots of fun games — some that I brought back with my to remember for later πŸ˜‰

Overall it was tons of fun. Way more than I can express here. Now it’s over and while it’s good to be home, I also miss it. Lots of new friends to keep up with by email. One new computer-related project for one of the missionaries. Cool stuff. I’m sure there’s tons more I could say, but for now I just want to say our God is an AWESOME God πŸ˜€ I’m settiling in well, adjusting well, a week I dreaded turned out to be one of the best times I’ve had in ages, and Chels’ Dad replied to my apology and forgave me! No, not everything is 100% cool, but God is cool. I feel as though I could never doubt Him again. So much, and so amazing. I know He’s looking out for me and will continue to bless me in the days to come πŸ™‚

Blogger categorising, pinging, and trackback helper

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I have a version of this script for the new Blogger as well.

Many people have installed Johan SundstrΓΆm’s Categoriser Script and reaped the benefits. Some have also used my trackback script to enable outbound trackback inside Blogger. Now the power of these two scripts comes together to benefit everyone!

With Johan’s full approval I have married the two scripts into one categoriser and trackback script. This script is set up in such a way that installing it should overwrite any previous installation of Johan’s script and keep your existing script settings. To find out more about the categorising and pinging functions of the script, please read Johan’s post.

The trackback features work slightly differently than they did in my previous script. On the post-create page there is now a ‘Trackback’ textarea, instead of a form on the ‘post complete’ page. Enter one or more trackback URLs (each on it’s own line in the textarea) to use the trackack feature. After publishing the post your trackbacks will be sent out automatically and the status will be displayed on the ‘post complete’ page. For more information on trackback, go to Wikipedia.

There are also a couple minor new features for the categorising in this release. One is the option to use the first 200 characters of the post body in the extended field on, instead of the datestamp. The ‘Tags:’ label that one clicks to change settings is now blue, and your cursor should change into a hand when hovering it. Also, when republishing your whole blog the link to from your last post will not be displayed.

Install the Greasemonkey Script

Back and rolling

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As many of you probably know, I’m back in action! Had taken a sabbatical while our family moved and all that wonderous stuff. I am (mostly) checking my email / feeds regularly now and will be coming online more regularly shortly. I’m registered for all my (college! :O) courses, so that’s cool. We have 3Mbps DSL, which is totally rocking my world πŸ˜€ my nice shiny brand-new laptop is having some HD hiccups, so hopefully that’ll be fixed soon. Got a nice linux box up and running. Met Trev… twice! πŸ˜€ *watches you all go green with envy* πŸ˜‰ Had a nice time in Germany. Rode at 110kph on the AutoBahn, hehe. Their tram system over there is totally awesome too. Uhh… not a whole huge bunches else to write I suppose. Life goes on in spite of the trials and God is always faithful πŸ™‚