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Archive for August, 2007

Different Kinds of Feeds

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I need a feed reader that recognises different reading preferences for different feeds.

Let me back up.

There are two kinds of feeds — feeds of content (blogs) and feeds of notifications (calendars, popular, digg, forums).  The first kind you want to read all of — even if I miss checking my feeds for awhile I want to see what the blogs I read said.  I won’t care tomorrow what was on popular today, there’ll be 100 new items!

Google Reader does a great job on the first kind of feed, holding content until I read it.  Firefox’s LiveBookmarks does a good job on the second kind, showing only current content.  What we need is a nice interface for both.

I’ve heard the new Bloglines might… perhaps I’ll check it out.

User-Relevant Timezones

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Posts and comments on your blog display in your timezone (usually). This sucks for your readers. What makes sense to them is their timezone. Trevor Creech and I have written a WordPress plugin to fix this. Using a technique suggested by Johan Sundström and the formatDate JavaScript library by Svend Tofte, this plugin shows post and comment timestamps in the viewer’s local timezone.

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YubNub LocationBar 0.20

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I have released version 0.20 of the YubNub LocationBar Firefox Extension.  This version incorporates some features and code from RubNub.  The next version of this extension will likely be a merger with RubNub (of both features, code, and branding).