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My previous YubNub extension suffered from several glitches. While it was useful, it annoyed me enough to get me to research a new format. So I have written a new extension. This one functions a little differently and so I will leave the old one up. This extension modifies the standard FireFox location bar to support YubNub commands. If the entered text is determined to be a URL the location bar will function as normal, otherwise the text is passed to YubNub. No more second bar, no more glitchy locationbar behaviour, just straight YubNub integration. All YubNub commands will work, including single-word commands without parameters.

Download YubNub Locationbar

Version 0.11 has been released which fixes a glitch that broke access to about:config and typeing some javascript: URLs

Version 0.12 has been released which fixes a flitch that caused commands that are passed URLs not to work

Version 0.13 has been released which adds a command history feature. Simply push your up/down arrow keys while in the location bar to access the command history.

Version 0.14 has been released which fixes some minor bugs with navigating to local IPs, and also allows defined FireFox keyword bookmarks to supercede YubNub commands.

Version 0.15 has been released which has some minor improvements to the look and feel of the extension, and also now allows local firefox bookmarks to use switches (using the same syntax as YubNub proper). It also stores up to 50 commands from your command history between sessions now.

Version 0.16 has been released. Support for non-standard URLs (such as those from nic.d. Arrow-key history navigation broke some default Firefox features, so it is now Ctrl+Arrow Key. A hackish integration with Firefox auto-complete history has also been coded. Type y: before a command to have the auto-complete work (or just to force it into YubNub mode).

Version 0.17 has been released which fixes some minor URL resolution bugs.

Version 0.19 (0.18 was released silently) fixes some minor bugs noted in the comments. There is also now an entry at mozilla. Please review there if you find this useful!

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Chrono Cr@cker

Wow, stephen, great blog, cool use of AJAX mate.

Enjoying your writeups, not your layout though 😀 (Yeah I always end up talking about this LOL!)

Have you considered moving to WP dude/


Hey, this is much nicer than the first one 🙂
It does not, however, seem to keep track of my yubnub commands…which is a big downside.


@Chrono — thanks for the feedback, and I figured you might say something about my layout ;P as I’ve said, I’m no designer, and I’ll take criticism, but i’m no great well of ideas for redoing it myself ;P

@Trev — I would like to add a feature to keep track of command history and autofill just like for URLs… haven’t figured out how to go about that yet though…


@Chrono — RE WordPress… I think I may eventually switch to WP once I can get my own hosting for it… but I’ve heard doesn’t let you tweak your template code, which is a big downside for me, so I’ll be staying here time being


Can’t you use your AW hosting and get a cheap domain name?

Chrono Cr@cker

My other sites are hosted by, which is quite a decent free hosting IMO. The servers are quite stable (very less crashes and maintainences) and speed is cool. It’s not popular so the you have a good advantage of not being mubbed everywhere.

the flipsyde is that you have post in their forums to get it but meh!

Domains have become quite cheap but there are people giving domains in exchange for forum postings, etc.


Perfect! A very good integration of yubnub and the locationbar. Thanks for making this!

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Please improve the toolbar so that is recognized as valid url; currently (0.17) it is interpreted as a google search.

Thanks for your good work on this nice extension !


Please improve the toolbar so that typing is recognized as valid url; currently (0.19) it is interpreted as a google search. Maybe there is a prefab url parsing tool somewhere ?

Thanks for your previous fix.


Hey – big fan of the extension been using it for a long time. However, there is one thing that really annoys me. Originally the location bar has a number of short cuts which get disabled by the extension. The biggest one for me is the ctrl+return shortcut which takes and translates it into . That is a nice feature that lets you get around quickly (altho yubnub can handle and make it into a url it slows things down a bit). Any chance of restoring short cuts like that? Also another cool feature would be if you supported command aliasing so that users could “rename” commands. The extension would keep a list of user defined commands & replace them with the equivalent yubnub commands. That would be super useful to get around stupidly named commands. =D


Oh in the last comment the I used html tags to identify a [keyword] – so let me rephrase that. What I meant was you type [word] into the location bar, type ctrl+return and it takes you to http://www.[word].com – very handy =D

Stephen Paul Weber

@DB — thanks for the feedback — I’ll see if I can get those fixed in the next version. As for defining your own shortcuts — just use firefox’s keywords feature, that’s what it’s there for!

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