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Archive for May, 2007

More Friend Bookmarklets

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Now even more people can benefit from my Friend Bookmarklet concept.  Just head on over to the Generation Page.  If your service is not listed, you can customise the URL pattern manually!  Be sure to contact me with any new URL patterns, so that I can add them!

A notable addition is"> support.

Trusted Opinion SPAM

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This was too good not to blog.  The social networking/ratings-and-recommendations site Trusted Opinion is somehow prone to SPAMers!  Billed as a way for friends to rate and recommend things for each other, the service seems good on the surface.  I was never very impressed with the insides of the site, but now I’m turned off forever.


I received today in a ‘Private Message’ on Trusted Opinion, SPAM.  Not just SPAM, but the kind one would expect in a poorly filtered email inbox.  It’s a Nigerian money laundering scam, and real money laundering or fake, it’s one of the oldest and most well known forms of SPAM.

Pretty pathetic, if you ask me.


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A rogue plugin was eating all of your comments!  Sorry, it’s fixed now 🙂


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From the ultra-creative minds of Stephen Paul Weber (that’s me!) and Trevor Creech comes a service you may never have expected.

Pranketh is designed with but one purpose in mind — to send prank emails.  Fill in the form with who you want the email to go to… and who you want it to come from!  Pranketh will send you message and when the recipient opens it, it will appear to be from whomever you specified!  Then, when they reply, it will go to that person and watch the confusion!

Have fun, but don’t hurt anyone 😉

FreshTags’ Static Widgets

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This enhancement to FreshTags in response to Amit, who has been persistently requesting the feature in comments and a ticket. FreshTags now has the ability to generate widgets (from any source) which are locked on to a particular tag(s). For example:

<!-- FreshTags0.5-Singpolyma2 -->
<script type="text/javascript">
if(typeof(WidgetData) != 'object') WidgetData = {};
if(typeof(WidgetData['freshtags']) != 'object') WidgetData['freshtags'] = {};
WidgetData['freshtags']['freshtags_static'] = {
"username":" username",
"url":"blog url",
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<div id="freshtags_static"></div>
<a href="" title="Categories by FreshTags"><img alt="FreshTags" src=""/></a>
<!-- /FreshTags0.5-Singpolyma2 -->

The above code must (for new Blogger users) be inserted into a new HTML/JavaScript sidebar widget. Source (in red) must be either, blogger, or mediawiki (use blogger for labels on posts in the new Blogger). Defs (in red) should be a +-separated list of tags to load into the widget (or just one tag). Username (in blue) must be replaced with your username (if source is or the whole line must be removed. URL (in blue) must be replaced with the full URL to your Blogger blog (ie, if source is blogger or the whole line must be removed. Join_char (in blue) must be / if source is blogger and + otherwise.

The ID (in purple) is fine to leave if you are only going to insert this widget once. For the second, third, etc widgets you must change it to something like freshtags_static2. The higher reference (also in purple) to freshtags_static must also be changed. Second, third, etc widgets do not need the <script> tag that is in purple near the end.

If you have any questions, just ask!