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Blogger Trackback Userscript Updated

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My Blogger Trackback Userscript has been getting more and more broken the longer I stay away from Blogger. It was inevitable, I suppose, that some of my code would rot when I wasn’t using the service. Enough people have asked me to fix this one, however, that I finally logged in again today and fixed the code. Install the new version and it should work again 🙂

Picoformats Plugin Update

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I’ve made some large updates to my picoformats plugin for WordPress (picoformats also sometimes known as microsyntax).

  • Processing of comments has been removed (at least for now)
  • Both trackbacks and pingbacks are sent for @ replies
  • Trackbacks and pingbacks are sent for URLs in in-reply-to custom fields.
  • URLs are auto-linked
  • More stable regex, etc for @ reply/#hastag detection with some help from
  • support for starting a post’s content with “reply URL”, “reply #URL”, “#URL”, “reply post-ID”, “reply #post-ID”, or “#post-ID” and having in-reply-to custom field added automatically (and the reply bit at the beginning of the content snipped off).

Download the plugin

XRDS-Simple Plugin Update

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Just a note that my XRDS-Simple plugin has undergone some major refactoring as part of the DiSo project. It now lives at WordPress Extend.

Picoformats 0.20

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I have released an update to my Picoformats plugin. This update changes the logic so that posts are not modified in the database (thanks, @aditya!), but on the fly. It will also link to the local profile/archive of a user (thanks, @als!) that has no URL set in their profile. Also, if you use an @ reply from inside a comment and use the (one-word) name of a comment poster, it will recognize this (if they have whitespace in their name, just take it out when writing the @ reply). @ replies in comments also do not check Twitter usernames anymore, since this is expensive and breaks common use.

Download the plugin

Actionstream Plugin Update

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I am pleased to announce version 0.2 of my WordPress Actionstream plugin!

It can be downloaded from the normal place.

New this release:

  1. Better microformats support in the output
  2. Some architecture improvements and bug fixes
  3. There is now a sanity check for zero items or less items than requested
  4. Posts on the host blog are now added to the actionstream
  5. There is a well defined way to add stream items (say, from another plugin). Just create an array with the fields you need (be sure to specify identifier and created_on – GUID and unix time of publish, respectively) – usually includes title and url. Then instantiate an object of class ActionStreamItem and save in like so: (new ActionStreamItem($array_data, 'service', 'data_type', $user_id))->save();
  6. There is now a hook for other plugins to add available services. Example:
             'name' => 'Feed',
             'url' => '%s'
             'entries' => array(
                   'html_form' => '[_1] posted <a href="[_2]" rel="bookmark" class="entry-title">[_3]</a>',
                   'html_fields' => array('url', 'title'),
                   'url' => '{{ident}}',