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Free Youtube in any Browser

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Many people have used and loved, Free Youtube (or FYT), my Greasemonkey script that allows people to use Youtube (and other video sharing sites like Google Video,, and others) wthout having a Flash player installed. This is useful for the many people who are on hardware or OSs not supported by Adobe, or those who refuse to install the hideous thing on matters of strong principle.

Now, this freedom cane be taken outside of browsers like Firefox and Epiphany that have userscript functionality. Today, right here in this post, I am releasing a version of FYT as a bookmarklet! (Kudos to Christopher Vollick for having the idea.)

Updated to work better with Safari/Quicktime

Drag})();">FYT to your bookmarks bar, or bookmark it in whatever way your browser prefers.

And, for those of you who’s browsers don’t have a working bookmark system, or one that doesn’t support bookmarklets, just save this string somewhere:

Junt cut-n-paste it to your address bar and hit Enter and FYT will process the current page.

Friend Bookmarklets for WordPress

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Friend Bookmarklets are something I’ve been playing with for awhile. WordPress users are no longer left out. With my new Friend Bookmarklets for WordPress plugin, users can generate a self-hosted friend bookmarklet to facilitate adding friends to the WordPress links system.

More Friend Bookmarklets

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Now even more people can benefit from my Friend Bookmarklet concept.  Just head on over to the Generation Page.  If your service is not listed, you can customise the URL pattern manually!  Be sure to contact me with any new URL patterns, so that I can add them!

A notable addition is"> support.

Videntity Bookmarklet Update

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How much water should you drink a day?
Good news! Milk, fruit juices, tea and coffee all count towards your daily fluid goals.

the facts about water revealedClaudia Miranda / EyeEmGetty Images
Clutching a bottle of water is now considered a normal part of daily life. People often make a health resolution to drink more fluids hoping for it to bring them a host of health benefits including better skin, weight maintenance and improved digestion. But how much water should you drink a day, is it really necessary to consume several litres, and can you drink too much? These are the best weight loss pills for women.

Dr Juliet McGrattan looks at the importance of water, how fluid balance works and what really happens to your body if you don’t hit your daily fluid intake:

What does water do in the body?
Did you know that your body is around 50 to 60 per cent water? If you weigh 60kg then you are made up of 30 to litres of water. All your organs, tissues and cells contain water, even your bones. It’s essential for life and we all need to consume it to stay alive.

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Water plays lots of different roles in the body including:

A building material for cells, tissues and organs – your brain is 75 per cent water!
Clearing waste from the body – urine and faeces contain water.
Transporting oxygen and nutrients around the body.
Maintaining blood pressure.
Regulating body temperature.
Keeping your mucous membranes such as airways and gums moist.
Forming body fluids such as saliva and stomach juices.
how much water you should drink per day
Valeriia Sviridova / EyeEmGetty Images
Fluid balance
The body likes to be in homeostasis which means that everything is in the right balance for it to perform at its best. Maintaining the right fluid balance is a vital part of this. It keeps a tight regulation on fluid balance and day to day, the amount of water in the body only varies by a few per cent. Check these Red boost reviews.

💧 Water in
We get water into our bodies from three sources:

The body makes a small amount of its own water from metabolism.
Fluids – most of the water we consume comes from what we drink.
Food – around 20 per cent of our daily water intake comes from the food we eat. Fruits, vegetables and soups are high in water content – a cucumber is 95 per cent water.
When we ingest water in fluids or food it is very quickly absorbed in our stomach and intestine. Within five minutes, some of it will have reached our blood stream. Water then moves from the blood into our tissues and cells.

💧 Water out
We lose water from our body in a number of ways:

Breathing – you can see this in action when you breathe out on a cold day.
Sweating – we all sweat daily but this increases significantly during exercise.
Urine – 500mls to 2500mls of urine passed per day is normal.
Faeces – a small amount, (around 200mls per day) is lost in normal stool, excessive amounts can be lost with diarrhoea.
What we call insensible losses – those that you can’t easily measure, such as water lost through breathing and sweating, account for around 750mls of water lost per day.

Videntity Bookmarklet

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If you haven’t heard of Videntity, you may recognize it as the major force behind my landing page.  If you don’t have an OpenID, you can get one from Videntity.  If you have one already (like me) you can log in using it.

Then, you can associate a profile with your OpenID.  Yes, you’ve done this a million times before.  Videntity is different — you can actually import your existing profile from elsewhere if it is done using hCard.

You can also add friends to your profile on Videntity.  Here again, the service is different.  You are not bound to adding people who have ever used Videntity — anyone with a URL can be added.  Full XFN vocabulary is supported.  This powers the primary friends list on my home page.

Enter the bookmarklet.  I have written a bookmarklet that works cross-browser.  Click it, and it detects hCards and Facebook links on the current page.  It presents you with a list of these people it has detected and lets you either click over to their profile (useful in itself) or add them to your Videntity profile as friends.

So, drag the following to your bookmark bar and watch the magic!'; document.body.appendChild(js);})();">Videntity Bookmarklet