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Free Youtube in any Browser

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Many people have used and loved, Free Youtube (or FYT), my Greasemonkey script that allows people to use Youtube (and other video sharing sites like Google Video,, and others) wthout having a Flash player installed. This is useful for the many people who are on hardware or OSs not supported by Adobe, or those who refuse to install the hideous thing on matters of strong principle.

Now, this freedom cane be taken outside of browsers like Firefox and Epiphany that have userscript functionality. Today, right here in this post, I am releasing a version of FYT as a bookmarklet! (Kudos to Christopher Vollick for having the idea.)

Updated to work better with Safari/Quicktime

Drag})();">FYT to your bookmarks bar, or bookmark it in whatever way your browser prefers.

And, for those of you who’s browsers don’t have a working bookmark system, or one that doesn’t support bookmarklets, just save this string somewhere:

Junt cut-n-paste it to your address bar and hit Enter and FYT will process the current page.

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