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From the ultra-creative minds of Stephen Paul Weber (that’s me!) and Trevor Creech comes a service you may never have expected.

Pranketh is designed with but one purpose in mind — to send prank emails.  Fill in the form with who you want the email to go to… and who you want it to come from!  Pranketh will send you message and when the recipient opens it, it will appear to be from whomever you specified!  Then, when they reply, it will go to that person and watch the confusion!

Have fun, but don’t hurt anyone 😉

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finally, my original comment was : “ah kids these days and their prank web services… ”



Is pranketh still working? all of the links to it take me to a different domain…

Stephen Paul Weber

We let the domain expire because no one was really using it. Sadly, the domain seems to have been snapped up by a squatter.

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