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YubNub LocationBar 0.20

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I have released version 0.20 of the YubNub LocationBar Firefox Extension.  This version incorporates some features and code from RubNub.  The next version of this extension will likely be a merger with RubNub (of both features, code, and branding).

YubNub LocationBar 0.17

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I have updated my YubNub Firefox Extension to fix some URL resolution bugs.


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Whoever first came up with the idea of WebOS was a genius. Somehow I doubt it started with Google OS, but my own interest certainly started there.

Soon there was YubNub, the command line for the web. A flexible, open command-line system for the Internet that is practical as well as cool. A backbone kind of application while also being immediately useful to users.

Webtops started popping up, such as those provided by 30boxes and Goowy. They allow you to integrate the major services you use into one convenient location, sort of like an extension of the idea behind Google IG, BoxtheWeb, and others.

Now we have at least two genuine WebOS: YouOS and EyeOS. Both provide their own ‘standard’ way to code apps, with APIs etc to help in GUI and back end building. YouOS allows developers to code and share apps on the public server, as well as allowing users to install these apps. EyeOS requires you set up your own server to install apps, but allows apps to be distributed in an offline format. There are distinct pros and cons to both, and to the APIs provided by both.

WebOS is where it’s at, with YubNub, YouOS, and EyeOS. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, if we want to see true Web 2.0 here we must not repeat the mistake that was made with offline OS. WebOS communities/developers must work together for standards and interoperability, etc. Each will be so much better if it works with the strength of the others.

YubNub LocationBar 0.16

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Version 0.16 of my YubNub LocationBar Firefox Extension has been released. There is now support for non-standard URLs (such as those from nic.d. Arrow-key history navigation broke some default Firefox features, so it is now Ctrl+Arrow Key. A hackish integration with Firefox auto-complete history has also been coded. Type y: before a command to have the auto-complete work (or just to force it into YubNub mode).

YubNub LocationBar 0.15

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I have released version 0.15 of my YubNub LocationBar Firefox Extension. There are some minor changes to the look and feel (the location bar shows the YubNub URL and icon while processing, and the YubNub icon shows on blank pages). It also extends the local firefox keyword bookmarks to allow for switches. If switches are added to the bookmark’s URL (using YubNub ${name} syntax), then the bookmark will accept switches according to normal YubNub syntax.

Update: I forgot to mention — it also stores up to 50 commands from your command history between sessions now.