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Different Kinds of Feeds

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I need a feed reader that recognises different reading preferences for different feeds.

Let me back up.

There are two kinds of feeds — feeds of content (blogs) and feeds of notifications (calendars, popular, digg, forums).  The first kind you want to read all of — even if I miss checking my feeds for awhile I want to see what the blogs I read said.  I won’t care tomorrow what was on popular today, there’ll be 100 new items!

Google Reader does a great job on the first kind of feed, holding content until I read it.  Firefox’s LiveBookmarks does a good job on the second kind, showing only current content.  What we need is a nice interface for both.

I’ve heard the new Bloglines might… perhaps I’ll check it out.

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Bobby Revell

Yes, go with Bloglines! Not only is it the best reader, it’s fast and it is good for PR and social linkage. I’m not sure exactly why, but I have noticed that bloglines, builds linkage like delicious across the web once people subscribe to your site with it. Thanks:)


Titles with relevant info in Comments Feed : Hi, I would like to add a Comments Feed offer on my New Blogger’s blog like the one available on.
The standard New Blogger’s Comments Feed (Example without Feedburner) (Example with Feedburner) doesn’t display any related Post Titles and other relevant information for the various comments.
I would like to display the related Post Titles and other relevant information for each comment like on your blog. Is there a simple way to do this with New Blogger?


Carmelo Lisciotto

I agree on bloglines!

Carmelo Lisciotto

Stephen Paul Weber

@Alain — A simple way? No. You’d have to use a scrape-cache-generate scriptset like my original blogger recent comments. Not likely worth it.

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