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Dot-COM, a shame

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“…i’m afraid most people would automatically do .com…”

Is the whole web going dot-com? That domain is for businesses, yet everyone seems to use it, why? Dot-com is no more legitimate than anything else. Even obviously non-profit sites have COMs (i.e., under And individuals have them as well ( For individuals dot-net makes sense, or a region specific domain (.us, .ca, .de) but again, dot-com makes no sense. Sure we have an e-business explosion, but why should we steal all the commercial domains?

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.net is for network service providers, so makes even less sense for individuals than .com does.

Stephen Paul Weber

I wouldn’t say it makes *less* sense. A personal domain is providing a network service (and is “on the ‘net”, etc). A personal domain is in no way providing commercial services.

Yes, these days .name or your country’s TLD is probably the “right” solution.

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