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Microsoft Will Drop ‘My’ Prefix for Longhorn

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Technology News: Hardware: Microsoft Will Drop ‘My’ Prefix for Longhorn
The “My” prefix was apparently an attempt to create a personal connection between people and their computers at a time when the idea of using a computer might have been forbidding.

Do you realise what this means? :O half of the Microsoft jokes won’t work anymore! ;P Way to prove you were wrong all along MS.

On another note, I think that although dropping the ‘my’ prefix is a good start, I do wish they would let you use custom names for things other than the ‘(My) Documents’ folder… I have alwasys called that folder ‘data’, and I use a ‘Graphics’ folder and a ‘Multimedia Files’ folder, and hence am constantly deleting the default ‘(My) Pictures’ and ‘(My) Music’ folders Windows automatically creates… but hey, it’s a start.

This article (and a couple others that I forgot to inclue a credit for, sorry) found through Chet Mancini’s HREF feed


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