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WelcomeImage left – Welcome in Chinese… well, I can’t read Chinese, so I’m trustig Ian that’s what it says… I got it from him awhile back to add chinese to the many languages I have welcome in on my home page. I haven’t got around to it yet… and I just found the picture again and went ‘oh yeah!’.

Image right – NSAers will recognise it from my rez. It’s a piece of ‘artwork’ i created eons ago by drastically distorting an already bad picture of myself. Why I still have it is beyond me… maybe I thought it was worth keeping? Who knows, I’ll keep it until I decide ;P
Image left again – more of my lovely boredom in an image editor ;P again, rather old, few people have even seen this image ;P

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Mr.fred random

im sewing, my head is on that pic!

mr.fred random

its snot the point, people sew for anything now a days


Haha, that was great, I should post some of my random “Trev’s Pictures” stuff. So do you still have the original undistorted pic?


ya..thats welcome..haung ying…in cantonese its fun ying…ya….XP


RE: Jake – dislexia doesn’t hinder getting the correct letter ;P

RE: Trev – ya, i still have the original… somewhere…

RE: Chels – thank you oh great master of Chinese for confirming my suspicions 😉 now if only the font was comparable to what I already have on my page… 😛


You know, my photobucket is almost full, and after that, I think I’ll try a flikr. Would that make you happy?


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