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Ok, first thing’s first, PTL MY BOOKS ARRIVED! Now I can start school, ALL my courses, so I’ll be playing catch-up for awhile.

Now on to my latest beef : After getting Breakaway for more than a year I am generally dissatisfied with the magazine’s content. It is 50% sports and celebrity interviews… here’s a breakdown of the last issue’s content:

2pgs – mail
2pgs – spiritual (article about setting yourself on fire for God)
3pgs – nonfiction (article about the holocaust)
1pgs – celebrity (tobymac)
7pgs – sports (2pgs baseball, 5pgs NASCAR)
2pgs – comedy (funny story about outcast highschooler)
3pgs – Q&A
2pgs – workout
2pgs – Other (article about safety on the Internet)

That’s 24 pages total. Not being a big fan of sports in general, and pro sports in particular, one can easily see why the sports/workout articles are of no interest to me. Lose 7 + 2 pages, leaving 15. I don’t particularly care for celebrity interviews either, who cares what tobymac thinks? That leaves 14 pages of semi-interesting content. The article about safety on the Internet was mildly interesting, if that. That leave 12 pages of truly interesting content. 12/24… 50%. Not too impressive 😛 Now this is my personal likes and dislikes, but my brother (who is athletic) has about the same impression of the magazine… the general feeling I get from girls is that they love Brio, so I checked it out and I must admit the content quality is much higher (if girl-oriented ;P)

So here’s the question – does anyone know of another (better) Christian Teen magazine? (not necessarily boy-oriented, it can be generic)… and if such a one were to be found how many others would be interested in it?

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What’s this, the 3rd time I’ve heard this? 😉
Let me know if you find anything better.


lol, well someone sent me a list of other mags, pretty extensive, so i’ll maybe check some of them out 😉

truth be told i was toying with the idea of starting one, but when i saw the length of the list i got sent, i figured there’s gotta be a good one in there, if only i can find it 😉


it’s more than the third time 4 me… 😉


yeah, i like brio most of the time.. but they recently took out the cartoons that were always at the back!! :'( lol but yeah, its cool

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