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You know life is hectic when you feel like you’ve done gobs of stuff, but have nothing to report. This isn’t quite true of me, but mostly, little has changed in my life. October break for Palmview is coming soon and that means getting dragged off for a ‘vacation’ .

Besides this and school I’ve been doing a few projects. I need to get back to work on Amateur Writerz, since I have some unposted works and some features I want to implement. I have also been working on BoxtheWeb, which is now far beyond it’s original implementation and is probably almost ready for the non-geek market. I have also started work on publishing my introduction to computers textbook. I have even given it a title Basic Computing Using Windows. All the text is up, but the images still need to be uploaded. It probably needs to be revised, but that’ll happen anyway, such is the power of wikibooks!

I found a cool website today that lets you create your own search engines that search only the pages you want. Cool, but based on Yahoo!Search (yuk). I have created one to search the english wikimedia sites.

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Haha, I didn’t know that Wikibook was yours! I glanced it over, and wasn’t sure why you’d sent me the link…maybe thought I needed an intro to Windows 😉
Anyway, that makes more sense now!
Looks like you put a lot of work into it!

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