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Happy, happy :)

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It looks like Chels will be coming back in three weeks or less probably She’s only about a week and a half behind as of now Can you tell I’m happy?

What else is going on with me personally? Umm… I have a load of French homework to do because I forgot to do last week’s, so I have two weeks at once Power is going off in five mintues so I have to hurry up and finish this. I seem to be concentrating much better on my schoolwork, and I’d like to thank everyone for praying I still get distracted enough to find the occasional piece of interesting web content to go on my tech blog, but school is not dragging on me like it was.

Not much else just now, just thought I’d pop off a quick update. Oh, and who would be interested in subscribing to this blog via email? If anyone. Just curious…

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Would you use rssmailer on to allow email subscriptions?

Glad to hear school’s going better, so is mine!

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