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I have started the XOXO Blog for the promotion of the XOXO microformat. (For those wondering what XOXO is, see my post What is XOXO?) The blog’s template is fully XOXO-paresable and I am working on changeing over my Blogger Comment Syndication service to parse XOXO formated compatible with this new concept, which is only slightly different from my original XOXO code, but is more compatible with other uses. All users of my service will have to switch to this new (hopefully better) code snippet, but I think it will ultimately be worth it. Blogs based off of an XOXO template (I’ll be publishing one and the specs soon. As you can see by looking at the XOXO Blog itself, I’m not much of a designer, but I’m proving the concept first. I’ll get other people to help me with looks later.) will be able to use the service directly with no added code.

Other benefits to the XOXO-template could include :

  • The ability to produce better post feeds by parseing the blog main page
  • The ability to parse the whole blog for backup/transfer to another service if needed

The XOXO blog itself will soon be populated with different tools, not only to go with XOXO templates, but to work with other uses for XOXO as well.


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