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FeedXS : RSS can do anything

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FeedXS is the proof that RSS is beyond blogging. Where exactly it is, we’re not sure, however. FeedXS allows you to create RSS feeds through an MSN contact. Sign up for an account, add them to your MSN and ‘log in’. After that, everything you say to that contact goes in your feed. I’m not 100% sure how this is useful… or if it is useful. It might be if you could add the contact to a group conversation to keep track of it later, but even then I’m not sure… This is beyond blogging, and I’m sure the because-it’s-cool people will find all sorts of weird and wonderful uses for it… maybe even me 😉

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Hmm, that does open up some interesting possibilities, like using RSS as a medium all on itself, to store information, not just display it…

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