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Into EBC :D

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Yes, it’s true, I’ve got my acceptance back from EBC! 😀 A bit after Trev, but I was a lot slower in getting my application in (tsk, tsk). Helps me to know that I’m gonna be alright for next year, since I only had one option in mind (not usually a reccomended college-application practise ;P). As some of you may have heard, they need to do something about the way they tell you about your acceptance… they call the first year ‘MountainTop’ and so no matter what program you apply for they tell you you’ve been accepted into ‘the MountainTop Program’… talk about weird… anyway 😛

I’m better too — whatever sickyness I had is goneyness. I have a runny nose and a cough, but who doesn’t? ;P It could be… (dare I say it?)… allergies. I technically am alergic to a half a million normal everyday things (dust, dog fur, etc), but nothing serious and nothing where you can tell if that’s it or not. Meh, matters little, it’s just annoying having to blow your nose every two minutes.

And that’s about it, just thought I’d let everyone know the news 🙂

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It’s great to hear you’ve been accepted ! Good to hear the sickness is gone too. Hope to see you online soon.


glad your fever finally left! and great that you were accepted:) just sayin a quick hey…so heyyy!!:P


It’s nice to know it’s for sure, even if you pretty much knew you’d make it, isn’t it?
I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t been accepted…
Hope your allergies get better!

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