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An Update that Should be Long but may not be

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So I haven’t posted in awhile… since Chels was first grounded which makes about 16 days. So what’s been going on? Well the two primary recent events around here are the Heritage Fair and my brother’s birthday party.

Heritage Fair
The Heritage Fair was a lot of fun. I didn’t look at the projects much (I never do) but they looked alright. I got to hold Emme Ezel most of the day (I love babies, and she is soo cute! :D) she has got to be the best-mannered baby I’ve ever played with too, hehe 😀 We played a couple games, one where you had to do a sand painting as fast as you could, one where you wrapped your teammate up in toilet paper to make a ‘totem pole’, one where you carried a paper ‘kiwi’ to a bowl by sucking on it with a straw (if that makes any sense) and the o-so-traditional trivia game. Then we had the International Dinner, which was very interesting, as always. We had macaroni and cheese, cabbage rolls, some sort of german potatoe salad, cheddar scalloped potatoes, crépes, maple surup pie, and some other stuff. Really good stuff, and lots of it 😀 If you want a second opinion check out my bros blog.

Dan’s B-Day
Dan’s bday was yesterday, and that was a lot of fun too 😀 We had TWENTY people there! 😯 comes from his birthday coinciding with spring break for RFIS and Palmview, so we had the whole Hoyt family (well, ok, not the boys, they’re in college, but whatever), the Puhl kids and their caretaker (not their parents though, hehe), and various and sundry others voilà. We did a bonfire with pizza and cake and then we the lesser in age played a few rounds of Mafia. Then at about 9:30 we all came back to our house (not all twenty of us, but those of us that were still coherent enough by that point, mostly the moins-agé) and watched Cool Runnings (gotta love that movie! :D)

And that’s about a goodness for updating all of thou on my wonderful livings. On another note, for those of you who prefer the wonderfully useless and inferior (sorry, I’m biased ;P) Xanga subs mechanism I am now cross-posting all my personal blog posts to there.

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