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Often on weekends a thought pops into my head — ‘I should do a personal post on all that’s happening!’. I begin to mentally catalogue what the post will contain so I’m ready. By the time Monday comes and I sit to write… nothing comes. Aint that the way of it? I guess a breif update on the state of affairs in Chad is in order. Elections went well and rebel activity seems to be back to normal. Of course that’s all unpredictable, but everything’s looking fine as of now. I burned a backup of all our data onto DVD the other day, which took forever, but is well worth it to have all our data on a nice small disk 🙂 I’ve done almost no school today. All I have left is my English final and Math stuff. Yup, kinda cool.

We watched The Sound of Music on Saturday — really funny! J’adore ces anciens films! 😉 We also got this new season pack from Uncle Larry… 24. It’s 24 1-hour episodes that each cover 1 hour of time over a whole day. Really well done, and really addicting. They always leave you hanging!

Man it’s hot here! Blah! The time to Chels’ return is approaching, but it still a fair ways off. Of course we’ll get but a breif time to talk and then both will be off to Canada and readjustment scedules. Deputation for her (bleagh!) and random whoknowswhat for me. mmm. *thinks* I should say something else, but my mind has gone blank… maybe I’ll go write a chapter in my book, hehe, I got some inpiration the other day so it should be easier 😉

’til I next do post or chat or whatever avec thou

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I liked that “avec thou” thing.. 😉

you didn’t put any of MY stuff on DVD discs!! ;P

Daniel J. Weber – Chain Linx 13:47


Hello Stephen,

Well, I’m posting again. Go to my blog to see what I’ve been doing! It sounds like you have been having a lot of fun!

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