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It is reccomended that you use the new, pinging, AND trackback script. This one may still work, but I no longer actively support it.

Blogger has no native trackback capabilities. While trackback is a wonderful tool, it can sometimes just be too much of a pain for Blogger users. After all, you just went to the work of writing a wonderful post, who wants to bother making a hop over to Haloscan afterwards to send trackbacks to others? With the advent of the semi-automatic Backlinks we seem to be ever less inclined to make the extra hop.

Now, the extra hop can be a thing of the past. Install the Blogger Trackback Userscript and get trackback functionality directly from your Blogger dashboard! Every time you publish a post, the script harvests the title, permalink, and post excerpt (as well as blog title) and then displays a form on the ‘post complete’ page for trackbacks. Enter the trackback URLs one at a time and hit enter. The trackbacks will be completed AJAXially.

Much thanks to Johan’s Blogger helper script which facilitated much of the code for this script.

Possible Future Features

  1. Support for autodiscovery trackback RDF so that one can enter simply the post URL for a trackback and not have to use the full trackback URL
  2. Optionally try auto-trackbacking to all posts linked to from the post

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Ain’t working for me my friend! All I get is a ‘view post’ link which points to ‘’.

I’m guessing its not meant to do that…!


No indeed! Could you send me a screenshot of the blogger post completed page after you post a post with the script running? I think it may be that I designed the script to be compatible with Johan’s categorizer and may have accidentally introduced a dependancy in the process :S Also, any non-css errors you get in the javascript console on that page would help me as well.
Thanks 🙂


Yep! Up and running beautifully now! I love how the trackbacks appear instantaneously! You hit the API directly with this script?

Great Job! Thanks! 🙂


Yes, the trackback API endpoint is accessed directly by the script 🙂 Glad it’s working for you now 🙂


great again. works perfectly. saw it immediately. thanks for the scripts.
when my blog is finished i will put a link to your blog


Hi there! Thanks for putting up this useful script.

I’ve hit a problem on my installation whereby the “View Post” hyperlink seems to be incorrect. fyi, this seems to be happening on a blog configured to post via FTP.

The “View Post” hyperlink seems to be constructed as follows:


Shouldn’t this point to the actual entry page? Or am I doing something wrong? My apologies in advance.

This causes the actual trackback output to be incorrect, resulting in a broken link to the actual post.


Having no FTP blogs to test on, I’m not surprised… I’ll try to get this fixed for you, but I’ll be makeing Blogger BETA (and school, which is starting up again) a priority 🙂

Ohad Gliksman

I just tried to ping your trackback URL using your script and got in response an UNDEFINED error. Have you encountered this before?


Unfortunately I have… just haven’t had time to debug yet… I think it happened last time Blogger changed their code.


Is this script work with the new “Blogger Beta”?


could you please tell me how we use it . you just give me a text file and say use it but how. i don’t know

Lao Tzu

What I want to know is, how do you ping Blogger url’s? You don’t send the ping to just Maybe you change the /article/ part to /tb/ or something?

Stephen Paul Weber

Blogger doesn’t support Trackback, so there are no URLs to ping for most Blogger blogs. Some people have set up third-party Trackback hosting, but that depends on the blog.

mujeres solteras

Hey there this is somewhat of off topic but I was wanting to know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you
have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding expertise so I wanted to get advice from
someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

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