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For templates for the new Blogger see the updated post.

Due to some of the feedback I’ve been getting from hack implementors recently I have decided to roll out my own set of templates for Blogger, implementing various and sundry features that different persons have expressed interest in. These templates are all loosely based on the Blogger Minima concept, with some inspiration from my blog also. They have been written from scratch, however, and all have the following features:

So, if you’re looking for a new template, or just want some of these features or some of those that follow, this is for you.

If anyone wants another version of this template created (ie, some combination of the hacks, or for another hack) feel free to contact me. If anyone has any ideas or feedback at all concerning the usefulness of / look of these templates, again, I have an open ear. I would ask that you keep your comments positive. ‘This Sucks!’ is not all that helpful to me, even if that’s how you feel 😉

Notes to advanced users: Hopefully these templates will also be useful to you in examining my code, etc. To remove peek-a-boo from comments or backlinks in any of the above templates, simply remove the onclick handler from the appropriate link. It should also be mentioned that these templates all support both versions of blogger comment permalinks. If you have any questions about the features on these templates I’m just an email/comment away!

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Maybe you could put up screenshots of these templates in action? I’d definitely like to add my two bit on this one! 🙂


I’ll definately look in to doing that for you! My test blog is currently running the last one in the list above if you want to look there 🙂


I would really love to see both of you guys working on this hackery. I hope (even remotely) that you can work as a team. What about Phydeaux3?

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