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Trips and back and trips galore!

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So we went camping. No, wait, before that we went on a different trip… aaah… and before that we were at a wedding. I suppose chronological works best here:


That’s right, my sissy gotted herself hitched! Half-sister, she’s (understandably) a fair bit older than I am. Been living with the guy for a few years already, but still it’s good to see them make a choice in the right direction and get married J It was nice – only the second wedding I’ve been to since I can remember (although I was to others when I was really little 😉 ). Everyone in the party, except the minister/chaplain dude, wore light colours – bride in white and groom and groomsman and father of the bride in white tuxes, bridesmaids in like lilac and stuff. Dad had his white tux and his electric-blue shades on on the white-sand beach on a sunny day… may that was bright! A semi-traditional style wedding on a public beach is a tad odd, but it was interesting nevertheless. Those who know me know that I’m all for 100% traditional, but unfortunately the groom has little say in how the wedding goes down. He just picks the girl 😉


So ve vent up to da mid-norvern part of diz here Ontario to visit a Mr. Kewley. And fam. Part of. And friends. Ok, so it was he, his wifus, his son, and two family friends at a cottage on a lake. Interestingly enough, Mr. Kewley found us through dad’s site and this site and Dan’s blog, etc. Contacted us when we got home and asked to meet us. It was fun, we got to go tubing and ride in their boat and build fires (not TOO big 😉 ) and muchos del other fun stufus.

Ok, so I’m not sticking to my writer’s formalities voice today ;P The three young guys spoke on and off in this knockout Scot-Irish accent on and off the entire time we were there, it was pretty funny. Got to the point that for a bit I couldn’t do my Brit anymore! 😉 Oh, and before you start thinking (as you already did) that we just went to visit some wacko who found us over the Internet, he’s actually semi-connected with our mission in a new department their just starting up and so was interested in our work, etc.

On the way out we swung by my Aunt’s place and bumped into the new couple vacationing after their wedding (is it still a honeymoon when you have to drag four kids along?). Lots of fun there visiting and catching up J


Et viola, we went camping. To a Christian camp with some friends of ours, the Suggitts. If I spelt their name wrong I’m truly sorry, normally I don’t, but for some reason I can’t seem to get it today 😛 Anyway, their family and ours go way back (their oldest daughter visited Daniel in the hospital when he was born… and she was not even a month old!). The week was loads of fun, with me and two of their girls in drama (we did this hilarious rendition of Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednago), Dan in Team Sports (duh), Jess in archery (I guess she liked in) and the other of their girls in Fine Arts (which was really ceramics painting :P). The Bible stuff was good and the activities were well done.

There was one they called ‘Cuban Church’ where you had to try to sneak ‘Bibles’ into a ‘military’-infested forest where you would deliver them to the ‘pastor’. If the military caught you they took your Bible, sprayed you with supersoakers, and started asking you all kinds of questions about your faith. If you witnessed well some of the guards would actually become believers and start helping you. My brother, after a few failed delivery attempts, started just walking up to guards and starting to witness two them. By the end of the night he had twenty extra Bibles (which he got from one of the guards and gave to other to deliver to the ‘pastor’), and two converts. Awesome stuff.

Another great game we did was RISK. Basically you have a certain number of teams (we had four), each with their own colour armband. Each team has to attack/tackle/whatever members of the other team to try to get their shoes off. If you get their shoe off, they remove their arm band and go to get one of your colour, they are now on your team and are trying to get people to your colour. This goes on until everyone is the same colour. Loads of funness 😀

Now we’re back and I’m trying to catch up on stuff, so I’ll talk to all of you later 😉 I’m on Jabber (some may know it as Google Talk) most of the day at singpolyma at, and also on MSN/WLM through a transport at that same address. Plus ICQ/AIM at an obscure number I can give you if you ask. Plus email at that address, plus comments here. I’m easy to contact… are you? 😉

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How humbling to read that I, your humble WACKO, is wrote about.

You ALL were wonderful to host.

Love in Jesus,

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