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Feed Links in BETA

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Please see the new, easier hack for this feature.

I love Blogger BETA, but there are just some things about it that annoy me. Duh. That’s why I’m a hacker. One of these is that feed links are displayed at the bottom of the page instead of in my sidebar. No longer. Insert this code wherever you want the feed links to display and you’ll have a feed links widget you can drag and drop in your template editor!

<b:widget id=’FeedsWidget’ locked=’false’ title=’Feeds’ type=’Blog’>
<b:includable id=’main’>
<h2 class=’sidebar-title’>Syndication</h2>
<b:if cond=’data:feedLinks’>
<ul class=’xoxo’>
<b:loop values=’data:feedLinks’ var=’f’>
<li><img src=’ alt=” /> <a expr:href=’data:f.url + “?alt=rss”‘ rel=’alternate’>< Feed</a></li>

Coming soon for Blogger BETA: Comments on Main and Archive pages (peek-a-boo!) and a revised Singpolyma-Template.

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You mean an inline comments form, like I have here? No BETA hack for that yet that I know of, but definately something I will be working on 🙂


hey! i was looking for something like this … but one question – does data.f.url always default to the blogger feed? if so, how can i use my feedburner feed to display, like you have at the top-left here?


In the context of this hack (the loop) data:f.url is the URL of the blogger feed. If you wish, you could simply replace it with a hardcoded “FEEDBURNER URL HERE”, but you best bet is to use an HTML/JavaScript widget type and just manually enter the link code.

G r e g g

Thank you for this.

I would LOVE the Blogger Beta ‘Site Feed’ Widget to show more than the maximum 5 items it does now.

Do you have or know of anyonewho has hacked that?

G r e g g


The number of items in the feed is largely determined by your blog settings and how many are on the main page…

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