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If you don’t use and want more posts showing up in your calendar try appending ?max-results=999 to your feed URL. So it will look like:

So you’re not satisfied with just an archive list? You’ve perhaps switched to BETA and even the hierarchal menu just isn’t cool enough? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

This hack allows you to generate a calendar of your posts for people to browse inline in your blog! This hack works with either Blogger Classic or Blogger BETA and, best of all, is one of my easiest hacks to install yet!

Just go to the setup page. Enter your feed URL (do NOT use a FeedBurner feed, it tends to mess things up) and your blog title. Click generate. Follow the instructions.

Now, if you use mine (click the calendar next to the archives box in my sidebar) you’ll note that I have posts in the calendar going all the way back to forever it seems. Your probably only has this month’s. Well, that is just one extra hack, but there’s a catch — you have to be one of those who posts all blog entries to (I know, the BETA people no longer have a GM for that, I’m working on it.)

Go to the full feed setup page (I won’t steal your password!), enter your username and password in the upper form. Click Go. Go back to the setup page. Enter your username (and optional anchor tag) in the lower form. Click Go. Use the contents of your address bar as your feed URL for the calendar instead of your normal feed.

A translation of this page exists. Not sure on the language of that page, but thought I’d give them a link.

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Funny that u just made it, because i was reading the Google calendar doc in order to see if it was possible to create a widget which could combine the feed of each posts and the calendar^^


this is a really nice calendar. is there a way to make it so that it is flat in the blog rather than a pop-up? thanks!


@tad — If you want it direct inline just copy the IFRAME part of the code generated into your blog and leave the rest 🙂


hello again
the calendar on my blog is having the peculiar issue that the dates of some posts (not all) don’t show up when i pull the calendar up. do you have any idea what might be causing that? thanks again


some of them show up and some don’t, but it’s not like all before a certain date don’t show up. it’s sporadic, sometimes my posts show up and sometimes they don’t. and actually it’s not like the posts aren’t there–when i hover over the date, the post title shows up normally…it’s just otherwise the cell looks completely empty (no day of the month even)


Hmm… weird… Well, I would verify that those posts are in the feed you gave the wizard (the ?max=999 thing) and if they are, go to that forum thread and report it as a bug.

I didn’t write the calendar generator, only the code to make it play with Blogger.


Okay, I’ll see if I can get a fix on that forum. Thanks again for your help. It works perfectly on my other blog, which is where I really wanted it.


where you say: appending ?max-results=999 to your feed URL.
my feed is

can you point me in a direction to have the atom.xml into a feed.
(your hack works but i wanted more than just a few recent days showing in the calandar)
thanks so much, and i enjoy wandering through your pages!


@jayne — /atom.xml was the URL format on the old Blogger — if you are still on Blogger Classic the ?max=999 will do nothing. You must upgrade to the new Blogger for that part to work 🙂


Hello Stephen,
Just wondering what has happened to your calendar? It disappears right after it’s loaded on the screen.

Btw, I noticed that the layout for the calendar has changed. I prefer the calendar you had. May I know how should i go about doing it?

Thanks in advance.


Stephen Paul Weber

@kat – The calendar here in my sidebar is WordPress. I’m using a WordPress hack I created to hide the calendar unless you click the ‘calendar’ link next to the archives header — saves sidebar space.

If you install this calendar hack it will be the same as mine was before 🙂

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