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Blogger Hacks Wiki Update

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Tired of running from my blog to FreshBlog, to Bloggeratto, to Hoctro, to Beautiful Beta, to Hackosphere, to PurpleMoggy, to others trying to find hacks? Enter the Blogger Hacks Wiki. Launched back in June with the collaboration of many hackers and bloggers, this Wiki is meant to be the Wikipedia of Blogger Hacks. Not all of the newest hacks are there, but the general available ones should be.

Since the Blogger BETA (now the new Blogger) launch, the wiki has been stagnating just a little bit. Hacks have been rolling out at record rate from many new players. I myself have been very lax at entering all my new hacks into the Wiki. One problem was that one could not tell from the wiki if a hack was for the old or new Blogger.

No longer. The main ‘View Hacks’ link now points to the Wiki Category for the New Blogger, and I have added categories to all the hacks’ pages based on platform. We as hackers need to start adding our hacks back into this database — everyone will benefit, even us! (Who wants to duplicate work if there’s an easy way to find out someone else already did it?) There is also a category for hacks which I was unsure what platforms they would work on. I need help going through and recategorising the pages in the Platform Unknown category.

I have also done some work on the Request Hacks page. New hack requests should now be added to the top section ‘Undiscussed Requests’. After the community has posted some feedback it gets moved to under the ‘Discussed Requests’ heading. Requests which have been solved (ie, had hacks created for them) move to the Solved Requests page.

The Wiki benefits both hackers (easier to find our hacks, find other’s hacks, and get ideas for hacks from the requests page) and the general people (find hacks so much easier!) I would really like to keep it up-to-date and maintained 🙂

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Hi Stephen,

I saw your comments on my blog, but had no time to look into them. will do.

I think this database wiki is importan for the whole community. I will make it a top priority to enter my hacks. What should
i do next? getting a wiki username somewhere?

Happy holidays and thank you for setting up the wiki dbase.



Getting a wiki account would be nice – then people can see what you’ve changed (instead of all edits being anonymous). You can do that here.

After that, the basics on adding your hacks can be found on the create page.



Great cleanup! This ought to make the whole thing much more useful and interesting! Excellent.




I have added some of my hacks to the wiki and also moved my old hacks from Platform unknown to the correct category. Good job in reorganizing the wiki.

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