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Die index.html!

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It has annoyed me for some time that the default ‘Home’ links on the new Blogger (which I will continue to call Blogger BETA, at least for today, don’t worry, I know that’s officially wrong) go to /index.html. Some internal links (‘View Blog’ from the dashboard) do not, which is worse. Why have a URL longer than it need be? Why have multiple URLs available that people can bookmark? Doesn’t that just confuse things.

This hack is very simple and fixes the problem.

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I have noticed and been bugged by this, plus I think it confuses the feed aggregator no end. Can you tell me what to apply to my Classic template–and where?



@zo – put the following code in your <head> section:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
if(window.location.href.match(/.*?index.html/)) window.location = window.location.href.match(/(.*)?index.html/)[1];


Great! Thx for that 🙂 Actually I don’t have a selfhosted blogger-blog or a custom domain, but i used this script to remove the #disqus_thread line in my template. I use Disqus as a comment system and teh #disqus_thread overrides my favicon with the blogger favicon. THX!


Actually I don’t have a selfhosted blogger-blog or a custom domain, but I use Disqus as comment plattform on my blog and if I open the comments section, Disqus adds a phrase to the permalink-structure #disqus_thread and the default blogger favicon shows up. With this code I was able to remove the #disqus_thread from my permalink-structure and my favicon is showing up like on the homepage.

THX!! 😉


… and I have to learn a bit javascript btw. If you know it, it’s easy to make some changes to your page/blog/site. 😉


how do you remove the disqus_thread suffix?

Stephen Paul Weber

@Anonymous not really sure what you mean. If you’re using Disqus it may interact with this code in an unforseen way. I don’t use Disqus, they’re gross 🙂

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