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Singpolyma Templates for new Blogger

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Now having translated most of my hacks to the new Blogger, it is time to unveil the templates. I myself will likely be switching soon, and my template will be based on the code here published. The features are similar to the first set, but optomised for the new Blogger.

To install one of these templates, just cut-n-paste the code into the ‘Edit HTML’ section of your blog and save. Confirm deletion of widgets (Yes, unfortunately, you lose you widgets. You can make them again).


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Hey Stephen, I tried to insert your template code into the edit HTML on new blogger .com and it kept telling me that I cant use it because of references like head, title, XHTML. How am I able to use your template without encountering the problems?


If you followed the instructions in the post it shouldn’t have any problems. Could you post the exact error you are getting and with which template it is that you get it?

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