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Blogger and hAtom

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Please note that no template is ever 100% hAtom compatible on Blogger. There are those that come really close, but datetime-design-pattern dates cannot be generated on Blogger and thus the ‘updated’ field is always invalid.

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And even after they changed their template language. B*st*rds.

Johan Sundström

I think I challenge that statement. I manage to pick a Date Header Format YYYY-MM-DD and a Timestamp Format HH:MM:SS, if I pick English (United Kingdom) or Swedish (Sweden) for my Language option in Blogger’s Settings / Formatting subtab. There does arguably not seem to be any apparent way of emitting time zones (whether it be +01:00 or something else due to daylight savings time, in my case of Central European Time), but you can choose a Time Zone setting of [UTC +00:00] Coordinated Universal Time, and use the YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ format for the microformat reading.

Certainly not the least bit pretty, certainly not what we want, but I think I’ll go down this route for myself, anyway. We can always wail at Blogger, asking for a few more template tag fields, too, of course — exposing year, zeropadded month, day, hour, minute and time zone hour / minute offsets should be a very simple addition to their nice template engine, as soon as someone in a deciding role gives a “go” to the right in-house developer.

But until then, there are kludges, at least.


Wow, you’re a genius! 😀 That’s a great idea. Can we output the date header on all posts though? Usually it only seems to let me do it on the first one in a day…

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