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Microsummaries in Blogger

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I recently learned of the Microsummaries feature of Firefox 2.0 from Aditya.

Basically, when you bookmark a site that supports it there is an option to have Firefox automatically pull in the title of the most recent article (or similar) as the title/label on the bookmark. Like simplified Live Bookmarks. So I created a quick hack to let us generate these with Blogger. If you have marked up your blog with hAtom put this in your <head> section:

<link expr:href='";amp;class=entry-title&amp;amp;url=" + data:blog.homepageUrl + "&amp;amp;_microsummary"' rel='microsummary' />

Otherwise use this code, which should work for 90% of new Blogger blogs:

<link expr:href='";amp;class=post-title&amp;amp;url=" + data:blog.homepageUrl + "&amp;amp;_microsummary"' rel='microsummary' />

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