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Peek-a-boo Widgets

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I now have eight variations of my original peek-a-boo widget. (See also peek-a-boo HTML and peek-a-boo scrolling.) I was then asked for yet another variant. I realised that keeping these strictly in posts is insane and disorganised. So I have added the variant (open links in new window) and created a wizard. Just follow the steps and generate the code for your widget, just the way you like it!

Peek-a-boo Widget Generator

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How about adding a peekaboo labels widget to your generator? Labels tend to accumulate very fast in blogs like Big Blog Directory. 🙂


This “Advanced comment form’ is amazing, how could yo do this???


hmmm no can do on blogspot? and if can do … would you teach me shifu? thanks

Stephen Paul Weber

@deden No, you can barely do magic to get any sort of comment form on on the post page on Blogger (search my blog for the iframe+lightbox technique I used to use).


I love this hack, Singpolyma. Thanks. I have one problem/question and that is there seems to be a bug. The text in the sidebar headings takes its styling instructions from however the links are styled. It seems to only do it in Firefox. I’m at a complete loss as to how to style the sidebar heading text once this hack that expands and collapses is in. My site is Could you offer any advice on how to fix this? Thanks, Esme esmecape2 at

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