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School is soon coming to an end for me (time to find a job!), which means somewhat more time to help all of you out.  I have had support requests sitting around, some over a month, in my GMail box waiting for me to have time.  In the last week and a half I have dealt with most of them.  However I have discovered that this can cause an organisation nightmare, trying to remember what I have and have not done.  So I have transferred remaining support requests to a ticket system, kind of like Bugzilla, but it’s Trac-powered.

If  you wrote me and your request is not in the system, please add it.  Please do not add things (bugs/feature requests) that are already there.  I DO get notified by email when someone adds a ticket or comment.  Please DO use this for bug reporting / support requests whenever possible in the future 🙂  Please remember, however, that anything posted there is public and thus private things (ie, your template) should likely be sent by email and not attached 🙂

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