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School’s Out

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So I promised that after the move to I’d write more personal stuff again and it hasn’t happened.  Sorry if you’re a friend of mine who once cared and has now given up 😉  I have better email subscriptions now!  And I think my Xanga cross-posting is fixed (we’ll see…).  You must admit, though, I get far more attention on my tech blog 😉  I peaked at 20 subscribers here, and there I have 170 last count.  Ok, still no excuse.

So, what’s up with me?  Well, school’s been out for a week now.  I got accepted into U of W for next semester (yay!).  I’m job-hunting.  That can be nasty.  Still doing volunteer childcare on Wednesdays.  Still coding my brains out.

*shrugs* not that much to say.  Well, there is, but I’m not sure what.  I used to know my audience here — NSA friends.  I’ve lost touch with most of you however, and no one else ever really read this.  Perhaps this post will sail into oblivion (hence why my brother no longer writes personal stuff).

Well, if you’re into it, Facebook me 😉  I’m not a huge fan of the system, but if it works for you I’m on it.

So long for now.

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