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Blogging vs. Commenting

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I’ve been reading Marc Andreessen’s blog for some time now, and have been ever impressed by the quality and range of content he’s putting out.  One of his recent posts dealt with some meta-conversation about blogging.  Is it better to comment or to post about something on your own blog?

He makes some great point against commenting.  Comments require filtering and moderation.  Comments also seem to encourage poorly written posts or small ‘me too’ which are not worth reading.

He also makes a rather big point about blogging.  Anyone can do it.  There are a number of free services (Blogger and among them) that let ANYONE EASILY blog.

I’m not ready to turn off comments here just yet, but I must say that this makes sense to me.  If you link to me I’ll find what you said.  If you trackback it still shows up here on the post.  I think there’s a place for commenting, maybe, but it’s definitely worth thinking about.

What do you think?  Comments, trackbacks, or both?

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Those are the kind of post i miss to write the most, but that is soon coming to an end. now, if you remember i used to reply back to you directly in posts. and what changes is the way it is done. it is by reference or a direct reply? and in a comment, that can be measured in other way, from the entitlement of the person saying it, from the closeness of the person commenting to you or from a not known souce.. if it comes from a unknown souce, the commenter then must really try hard to grasp the atention of the blogger, it is a simple psychological reflex. the sole fact you know me, already elevated the way you are gonna percive my comment from the rest..

Stephen Paul Weber

Yes, I do remember you doing that. More than anyone else, actually. What I liked most about that was not only that I usually got to see more of (and a better quality of) what you thought in a post than in a comment, I also got exposure on your blog 😉

I may try to start doing this more than hit-and-run commenting.

Myo Kyaw Htun

I like both. A blogger when he makes trackback, i’m sure that he already said a comment in the blog he wants to mention.


Now see I have sort of talked myself out of commenting on other blogs via my own blog in place of commenting. I thought maybe I was doing a disservice to the blogger to not actually comment. There are many times I find blog entries interesting enough to mention on my blog with a link back but it feels like cheating sometimes. LOL

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