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FBgmail v2 For GMail v2

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Most everyone knows by now that Google released a major update for GMail some time ago. This broke most Greasemonkey scripts for GMail including my FBgmail v1. Google however, in their brilliance, released an “API” specifically for Greasemonkey on the new GMail! I have harnessed this to create a version of FBgmail for the new GMail.

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Where do I input my facebook name and password? All I get with this is “failed to parse account name”.



All I get is a Facebook light blue box with the clickable Facebook logo + the lock inside it but nothing happens if I click on it (the link is declared as “”)

OSX 10.4.11, FF3, GM0.8.20080609.0


Hey, just wondering if you’ll ever be updating this script!

Stephen Paul Weber

I don’t really use this script anymore. Not sure what’s gone wrong – FB has probably changed their API. I may get to it, but I’m rather busy with school and it may be awhile.

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