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Bite the Bullet – CC-BY

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This week I was horrified when @adityavm moved from the most evil of Creative Commons licenses (BY-NC-ND) to All Rights Reserved.  As an advocate of free culture I began to realize just how dangerous it can be to walk that evil line of just-barely-free.  I took a long, hard look at my own licensing practices and decided it was time to open up.  All previous and future entries on my blog (unless otherwise noted) are now licensed CC-BY.  Let freedom reign!

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Stephen Paul Weber

@Trev – nice, but there’s something to be said for attribution 😉 CC-BY infringes on no “rights” (/uses) others could want (except to plagarize) – they can share, reuse, remix, etc to their hearts’ content (similar to MIT/BSD for code)

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