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Facebook Trademark Threat

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Today I received a threat from Facebook about an old F8 app of mine called “The Wall” because it was designed to look identical to the Facebook wall (back when that was a separate area of one’s profile) but actually tie data back to a datastore on one’s own website. (Only Chris Shiels ever used it).

They claim to have a trademark on the word “wall”. I wonder what the superwall people (or anyone with the Unix command “wall” installed, which is where Facebook got the name from in the first place) are going to do.

The email is below:

To the developer of The Wall (6506538869):

During an automated check, our system found that your application name contains a variation on the disallowed term “wall.” Application names may not contain Facebook trademarks without the express prior written permission of Facebook.

Please change your application name within two weeks of receiving this email. Failure to comply will result in our system automatically changing your application name to “Unnamed Application #6506538869”

If you believe your application name has been selected in error, please contact us through the Developer Help form at .

The Facebook Team

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Alex Frakking

Looks like facebook trademarked “THE WALL” in the US (June 2006, no. 78920335).

What else did they trademark? I only found 32, including:
32665 (texting number)
PARAKEY (a 2007 acquisition: – now abandoned
GIVE YOUR COMPUTER THE BIRD (related to above)

Of course these only apply in certain trademark classes, which generally involve social networking. So we don’t all have to pry the “F” key off our keyboards… yet. 😉

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