Stephen Paul Weber posted, “People give advice on how to ask for promotion… but does anyone ever *ask* for promotion? Seems crazy thing to do@ 2017-51 23:35 UTC

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Tim Harden

Many years ago when I started in the marketing side of the transportation business, I asked in my interview, “If I should be given the opportunity to be employed here, will there be opportunity to grow and advance with the company and what would that require of me? That said two things at the outset: 1. I was looking ahead embracing the potential and 2. I wanted to know what they were looking for that would assure my success. I think if you word it right, it can impress an employer that you are not a “status quo” employee – you want to excel in your work and most employers respond to that because you have put the onus on you, not them! My thoughts!


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