This functionality has been superseded by the get_avatar filter in wordpress core.

It has been moved to the code archive.

This plugin is what is now powering comment avatars on this blog. It detects if you have the gravatars plugin, the avatars from URL plugin, or the favatars plugin installed and tries to use the avatar those plugins would normally give (in the listed priority order) — thus allowing more avatars to display than with any one of these plugins.

It also detects if there is photo data in the user’s profile (such as data imported by my semi-released hCard Import plugin) and overrides any other plugins with that.

Put the following code inside the comment loop:

<?php show_allavatars(); ?>

For developers, the prototype is:

function show_allavatars($email=false, $url=false, $user_id=false, $echo=true)

You can register your own plugins with:

function register_avatar_function($name, $arg, $args=array()) {
//name = function name
//arg = url, email, or user_id
//args = array of arguments to pass

Download the plugin

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