This plugin allows you to pull in your data from your profile on Videntity (like I do on my main page here). It provides the following functions:

  • videntity_load($videntity, $loadglobal)
    Loads the videntity profile specified by $videntity (either an OpenID URL or your Videntity username). Returns it instead of setting it for the plugin to use if the second parameter is false (default true).
  • videntity_get($field, $echo, $profile)
    Gets the field specified by $field. Returns the value instead of echoing it if the second parameter is false (default true). Uses a profile other than one globally loaded by videntity_load if the third parameter is specified.

Each of the following works the same as videntity_get, but the field is specific for each one:

  • videntity_fn
  • videntity_given_name
  • videntity_additional_name
  • videntity_family_name
  • videntity_photo
  • videntity_url
  • videntity_video
  • videntity_note

Also adds a ‘Videntity’ tab under ‘Options’ in the Administration area that allows one to import a Videntity friends/contacts or profile into WordPress.

Users of this plugin may also be interested in the Videntity Bookmarklet.

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