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Firefox is Netscape

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As AOL kills Netscape, Firefox emerges as the new standard…

Back when Netscape started out, the purpose what to create a free browser that was smaller, faster, and generally better than IE. Not quite so, IE didn’t exist yet, the idea was to be the best, but as time went on that meant to be better than IE. Then, as they gained popularity, they began to attract the attention of AOL. AOL bought the company, phased it out, and now the people who code Netscape are the people who code the rest of the atrocious AOL interface.

Fortunately for us, Netscape started Mozilla before AOL destroyed them. Mozilla holds the ‘rights’ to the Netscape rendering engine and they immidiately built it into a browser. Firefox, the result of these efforts, is now the browser that holds to the original purpose of Netscape. To be smaller, faster, and better, and oh yes, free. As AOL destroys Netscape and turns it into something that isn’t worth looking at (and I mean looking at, the interface is the worst part), Firefox is emerging as the browser. Holding true to the standards-compatability that Netscape practically started (being based on the original Mosaic browser, they almost invented the graphical web) Firefox, for all real purposes, is Netscape, and Netscape is no more. Firefox is what Netscape was, and Netscape is just another AOL product.


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Actually, Mozilla is the new netscape and Firefox is an offshoot of the Mozilla browser, which is still in use. So, indirectly, you could say that Firefox is the new Netscape, but since the Mozilla browser is still in production, and it is the direct result of Netscape, I think the title of the “New Netscape” really belongs to Mozilla.

Firerfox is a smaller, lighter, faster, easier, more beautiful, more funtional, and all around better browser.

Firefox is THE browser. 🙂

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