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The Universe is Round

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Some say the universe is expanding, others say that it is static, but I say the universe is round!

Something cannot, within the physical universe, be infinite. It must have some defined limits. Now God is infinite and could have made the physical universe infinite, and thus some believe. However why did he not then make other infite things. Others say the universe is expaning, and this also is possible. However, I think that the universe is round.

If you take a single dimension (a mathematical line or line segment) and fold it, what do you get? Well, it depends how you fold it. If you fold it into itself, it will become a ray or a shorter line segment. But how about folding onto itself? It will have to gain a dimension so that you can specify where the two parts are in relation to each other, it will have become second dimensional.

The point of this is that I am not claiming the universe is a normal three-dimensional round. I think it is either fourth or fifth dimensionally round. All this means is that we have a way of determining where all points are in absolute relation to each other, but you cannot ‘exit’ the universe and go over the edge. What would be beyond the edge? Nothing? That’s imposible. God then? I think that is silly. I find it much easier to understand what would be outside if we say there is no way to get outside. Which implies infinity or roundness. However we know there is something outside, for there are other universes (that of the angels and heaven and perhaps others). Therefor if we see the universe as round, then we can see these universes as space, inaccesible by any ordinary means. Any means that would allow us to do this would seem to us supernatural, and so it is.


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why can’t things ‘within the physical world’ be infinite?

i think everything on earth has proponents of infinity…

break down a tree, you get bark and wood, break that down you get cellulose and fibres, look into that and you get chlorophyl and water, break that down you get hydrogen and oxygen, break that down and get protons and electrons… break that down and you have quarks …


divide the circumference of a circle by its diameter… and you get a neverending number – a number so significant it features in nature and life to such a tight degree that we do not notice it. look at a snail shell, see that spiral? that can be approximated to the fibonacci sequence, which if you divide the two consecutive iterations you get another infinite life number – the golden one at that…

the universe aint round, it doesn’t have any shape cos it is surrounded with space, if you mean that the universe does not have a boundary, then yes – you are correct. you just keep on going till you die.

what do you mean by fourth or fifth dimensions? are we talking string theory? 13 dimensions in that case, nothing of which can be considered round in any of them, as they are all interlinked and dynamic.

There is no edge, and also no end. even if the universe would implode tomorrow, a thousand other galaxies would take it’s space. Also, there may well be ways into these other universes without ‘going over the edge’ that you presume is a requirement… but yeah, we don’t understand it so it ‘seems’ supernatural, but believe me, science will explain it, and ahem, God may not neccessarily have anything to do with it all.

just my 2 cents after seeing this on


the universe has always existed. and always will…

that is the nature of infinity!

“and it indeed makes sense (mostly), except that in theory there should be an end to the measurement, since there is a smallest particle (quarks etc) a measurement in that would be perfectly precise (in theory).”

why? why should there be a smallest particle? i bet that if you found that ‘smallest particle’ you could indeed break that down into even smaller particles and then smaller particles… you could keep finding new, smaller particles forever. precision is a sliding scale no less, compared to a finite amount of elements like we understand. i reckon there are probably universes contained within every atom, just so small we cannot picture them…

and what theory is this btw?

i will bookmark you site and check our response tomorrow 🙂

(again: if God DID create the universe, then who/what created God?)

what makes you think that anything NEEDS to be created?


The universe is infinite compared to our standpoint, even if finite. However as I said my views have morphed some and perhaps the universe in infinite (space-wise).

I also see you point about the possibility of infinity and it indeed makes sense (mostly), except that in theory there should be an end to the measurement, since there is a smallest particle (quarks etc) a measurement in that would be perfectly precise (in theory).

God is self-existant, but I don’t think that’s what you were really asking, so I’ll pose a question in return :

If God did not create the universe, then Who did?


ah of course! so God created it! that ties things together nicely 😉

but why would you believe that the universe has an end if God creates the
universe? surely He would just extend space to fit the people in there? or is it true, that now He has created the universe, He is just gonna leave it ‘as is’? hmmm…

infinity is not just mathematics – i was getting at maths being an integral part of nature. infinity can be represented mathematicvally by a fractal, but a fractal is just an interpratation of naturally occurring maths. The universe can constantly be measured to be smaller and smaller… just try and measure a coastline… do you approximate the distance, or do you measure each rock, each pebble, each grain of sand, each atom… you would be measuring for an infinite number of hours!

If God created the universe, who created God?


well that’s a pretty hefty response to a rather old post! I suppose in mathematics you run into infinity all the time, so it’s not ‘impossible’, and I have changed my views some since reading this… and yes, God has to have something to do with it… He created it 😉


Well I suppose you have again beaten me on the infinity issue… as far as current scientific knowledge goes there is a smallest. But you’re right, there is no reason they might not find a smaller one tomorrow.

and here we are, where I expected us to be :
I believe in a self-existant God
You believe in a self-existant universe

what makes a God who has always existed less likely than a universe which always has?

“what makes you think that anything NEEDS to be created?”
The Second Law of thermodynamics, which can be stated :
There is a finite amount of amount of energy in the universe. The amount of useful energy is always decreasing.

This leads us to two conclusions :
There must have been a time the two amounts were equal (the beginning)… if you try to go back further than that (ie, to eternity), then you will come to a time where the amount of useful energy exceeds the amount of total energy, which is a contractiction.

There must come an end. When the amount of useful energy goes below the point where anything can function anymore (or to zero).


a circle is round(2 diminsional), a sphere is round(3 diminsional), the universe is round(4 diminsional), what the universe is in and exists with other universes is round(5 diminsional) etc…


maybe all matter and existence is just a mind and we are within another mind, the past is still here within the present, the future already written, maybe there was no begging and there will be no end,,time might not exist but what we image is the creator within its self, the visible matter that we are might grow old through what we see but the brain energy is always there , what we can not image does not exists until we image it,,everything might just be electric energy but the limit to what we can imagine is impaired by the world system that has been created,,,maybe people just don’t image anything anymore than surveying ever day life because of the system and money


But why is the Universe round? It is round, actually probably slightly oval. How do I know this? Simple:place some dots on a balloon, blow air into it & none of the dots ever collide with one another or merge with one another, just as you would expect in an “expanding universe”, but that is not what astronomers observe occurring in the universe, they observe galaxies merging & colliding all over the place, in fact our Milky Way is due to collide with Andromeda in about 6 billion years!!! Our solar system is a micro-cosmic structure of the universe, a lot of bodies surrounding a single massive body(the Sun) which keeps planets, comets, etc., in a slightly oval orbits, however these orbits sometimes crossover the orbits of other bodies & collisions occur; witness the comet that crashed into Jupiter some years ago. Back to the expanding balloon with the realization it is not a model for what is occurring in the Universe as we observe it. To me the only question is: What is that is so massive that it can provide such a large gravitational field to hold all those galaxies in orbit about it?


um i got here asking but i am pretty sure the universe is round..if u could go up and straight up and never die and can go thru anything in the stupidist long time i think u will finally pass thru were u started..there for the universe is round…like it has been said no boundaries no edge then its all makes sense if its round. just like has no begining or end therefore its a circle..round.


Good job friend…copy write your theory…
Electrons, protons, atoms, planets-What’s common with these? Think circle, rotation, and even light curves….We all don’t think the earth is still flat do we? Yes, the universe is round. The light from the most distant stars is seen as a reddish tone or dark orange, the reason is uncertain, right..? But this is the reason; when you look at the sun set on a horizon, it’s not disappearing into the ocean or distant land, but because of rotation, and the curve, our star is disappearing as if around a corner and when that happens the tone of the stars light is dim, so it’s a darker red or orange tone; the distant stars that appear red or dark orange are disappearing on the distant horizon, the curve where the universe curves. Think about comets that come around every so many years…think about what makes sense to you…In the end we are back at the beginning. Draw a circle or look at one…hell run on a circular track at the local park, and ask yourself where the beginning of the circle is, or where is the end? In a circle there is forever, no real beginning and no real end. We eventually will cause a big bang…and what appears as the end will also be the beginning….This has been severely dumbed down, but if you are interested at all google L.L Brunk

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Bible-revelations verse 11-24


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