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For those wondering what all the garbage comments are on the previous post, it was Trev and I trying to get a comments feed for my blog. We got it working (using mailbucket) and for those of you who use RSS it is now available under the ‘Syndicate’ header in the sidebar. Pairing this feed with feeddigest I have inserted a ‘Recent Comments’ section into the sidebar on the main page, replacing the ‘Recent Posts’ section (since on the main page you’re seeing recent posts anyway). On the other pages the ‘Recent Posts’ section shows up again. Currently only the five most recent comments show up in the sidebar, but I would like feedback as to how many is useful. Clicking on one of the links will take you to a page with the full text of the comment, including a link to the post it was put on so you can reply.

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Ok… I have just discovered that although the feed itself updates instantly, the links in the sidebar may take up to 30 minutes (approx) to refresh… this is due to the way feeddigest works and the fact that specifying a ttl time is not possible in this feed… I have written feeddigest about this to see if there may be a way to ping them for instant updating…



Nice new blogger Steber!


What? You guys haven’t heard of the “clapping is music too” movement?

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