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Email – Dead and Alive

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All the email addresses we keep with our ISP in Canada died yesterday. There was a billing issue and all our services got turned off until we called in to resolve it. My dad has had the same address with that company since the invention of email, and everyone knows it. So he got on the phone, long distance to Canada to straighten it out. It seems they wanted to bill us for an actual internet package instead of just the email addresses and webspace. Anyway, he got it sorted out and the addresses are all re-activated, but our webspace is still dead. Hope to get that sorted out soon.


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Your webspace is working for me!

And by the way, you really need to change the pic on that site!


ya, they got it re-enabled this morning 🙂

which pic? the family one? Too old? 😉


Nah, it’s only from when you were like 11! And yikes, that phone call must have emptied your coffers! *laughs melodiously*


it wasn’t cheap, but we have a callback service that lessens the cost some 😉

ok 😛 so it’s an old pic

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