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Well, chels finds the last post too technical for her liking and won’t comment, so here’s more personal ;P (no xanga smiley for that, sorry ). Alright, today I spent a lot of time trying to get all the data from one of our missionary’s computers to her new one. That was interesting because she wanted to transfer Thunderbird mail to Outlook. We talked her out of it, but tranferring the mail to Mozilla Suite was still a bit hard to figure. (we couldn’t just install Thunderbird on the new computer because we didn’t have an installer and we didn’t want to download it)… ok, this is getting techy again… suffice it to say, together dad and I finally got it done.

What else? Well I indexed my technical blog on delicious, and chels dumped me… ok, that’s not fair… let’s be a tad more specific :

Chels and I are not, and have not being going out… our relationship has been in a rather complicated state and today I tried to push for definition… after a lot of discussion we decided together (or at least she helped me to see) that we should back ourselves down and treat each other like what we truly are — just friends.


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thank you for being specific…cuz i relly dont think i would call that a it was a very pathetic…but ya…just freinds…or at least try to be..hope we can keep it that way…but im still callin him babe…XP…and i still lov you baby…;)

a random guy

*the technical dificulties of a young romance* personaly chels, i would just say u dumped him,he can take it, hes a man (with a funny beard) i still cant get over u having a beard. as u can tell im bored and am just being nosy maybe she dumped u beacause u were to technical or maby not (probably not) im sure this isent making anything better, cause im sure ure in imotional distress(see i cant even spell it)
oh isent this fun, we really need to meet up some time ( not u and me u ure bro me and my bro)(and any other random person who wants to come)(a.k.a chels, im sure u to will become more than “friends” again sometime.) Its INEVITABLE> mooohahahaha, im bored.


hey random guy… i have a guess as to who you are… but it would be so much easier if you would just tell me ;P

emotional distress? nah. I was the one refusing to comitt, and really it should have been like this from the beginning.

the random guy, from yesterday, who u know,moohaha , im bored

yes u probably do know who i am,
its……….no i cant do it its too hard arggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
hee im bored again,
yeah, so wat u been up to recently and i cant suscribe to u ,beacause i cant get on your xanga,
sorry about yesterdays comment it was pointless, but fun typing up,hehe
ya so after u go back to canada, we should all arange to meet up,


yes, getting to my xanga is not an easy task, since it just brings you here 😉 If you want to get there you must disable javascript in your browser, if you even know what that means 😉

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